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The Red and Black is the independent student newspaper at the University of Georgia that recently took ownership of its content management and web revenue by switching to WordPress.

After switching to WordPress, The QU Chronicle — the student-run newspaper of Quinnipiac University — transformed its workflow from weekly online publishing to daily web-first publishing.

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Public debrief at a glance

CoPress ended in the same way it started: a conference call. Wednesday evening, roughly 20 people joined us on a final debrief call as we explained our decision to terminate operations. Full audio of the hour-long call can be heard below. During the debrief, each team member wrapped up a significant takeaway that they’ve gained [...]

CoPress is closing down operations

After over a year of offering a unique approach to hosting and support for student news organizations, the CoPress team has decided to close down its operations. The decision to do so has been tremendously difficult, but we’ve come to realize that now is the best time for this to happen. First, we’ve struggled with [...]

Edit Flow v0.3: Usergroups and enhanced notifications

Edit Flow was bumped up to v0.3 last week and saw a flurry of other updates as bugs cropped up that we managed to miss during the testing phase before release. The main focus of this release was to introduce usergroups, which will form the basis of future features and to enhance the notification functionality that [...]

Calling all students for our college news consumption survey

If you do a Google search for “How do college students read news?,” the resulting articles do little to answer the question. We want to find an answer. For those of us in the college media industry, understanding how students find, share and consume news is an important part of reaching that audience. There are [...]