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The best piece of news this week, in my opinion, is that News Mixer will be working on WordPress integration. That’s right, the sweet piece of commenting goodness originally launched as NewsMixer.us and recently announced to be integrated with the Populous Project will be coming to the world’s most popular blogging platform and overall Swiss Army Knife.

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In the forum this week, Greg asked about strategies for making your print edition an online feature. The idea came out of a Twitter conversation between Greg and Dane Beavers at The Oklahoma Daily, and the specific questions were:

  • After you complete a print edition, do you put a PDF or other such version of it online? Why or not?
  • If you do, is it useful? What kind of traffic does it get?
  • If you do, do you upload as a PDF or using a third-party service such as Issuu or Scribd?
  • If you do, do you tell advertisers that their ads are viewable online?

The most common tool for putting PDFs online mentioned in the conversation was Issuu. Although Lauren doesn’t like the idea because she feels it “defeats the purpose of the web site”, Mo argues that it’s “absolutely important to post the print edition online. Biggest reason: archiving.” He gets requests from all number of people for past issues and having “digital copies of the paper makes it a lot easier, and plus, it’s searchable through Google (even copies as old as 50 years, with proper digital scanning and OCR).” Another good point from Mo for using Issuu instead of hosting on your own site: “you save on bandwidth costs, because the PDFs tend to add up and swallow your monthly usage (lately we’ve been looking at ~50MB per 36-page issue).”

On the wiki, Joey added a bunch of information about the Daily Orange’s brand-new blog network, including setup (they’re using WordPress MU) and plugins. I’m personally looking forward to reading a blog post about the WordPress MU configuration process, and their strategies for expanding engagement.

Congratulations to Jon Schleuss for being hired to the Web Developer position at the Arkansas Traveler.

In the News

Four links you should have clicked on in the past week and should instead read, watch or listen to this weekend (via the CoPress Publish2 Newsgroup):

  • TWiT 184: Hard Times for Hard Copy – The tech pundit take on the newspaper industry. Want perspective? This is perspective.
  • GooseGrade Brings Citizen Editing to WordPress Blogs – Plugin released that allows your community to submit copy edits for your review. We’ve installed it on this blog if you’d like to try it out; the widget should be located in the lower right. 30 second review: I really like the idea, but you shouldn’t be required to authenticate in my opinion.
  • Five ideas for display ads – Pretty decent ideas for improving online engagement with display advertising. The best one, in my opinion, is to make the advertisement a part of a CAPTCHA so that the reader is required to read it.
  • Liberia’s Blackboard Blogger – Erik Hersman (AKA White African) interviews Alfred Sirleaf, an “analog blogger.” Mainstream news organizations could learn a lot from this guy (read the article for the full deal):

Liberia’s Blackboard Blogger from WhiteAfrican on Vimeo.

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