Preparation for the Fall

The best links of the last two weeks (I’ll do this on a weekly basis beginning next week, I swear) via the CoPress Publish2 Newsgroup that you’re more than welcome to join:

There are at least a few active conversations going on in the forum that you should check out. Chris Ullyott is putting together a staff page for the Daily Titan and is figuring out a way to automatically pull in profile images to the page. I started a thread for a Featured Posts widget I’d like to build when I have the chance.

Kevin Koehler and Megan Taylor have been working hard on new content for the wiki that we hope to start introducing over the weekend. In the meantime, Kevin is compiling a list of blogs related to specific topics that wants your input.


  1. Daniel, can you please add me to the CoPress Newsgroup on P2?

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