Worthy distractions for Sunday afternoon

Recommended distractions for a Sunday of homework for those of you already back in school:

  • The Center for Innovation in College Media is now accepting applicants for their fall internship. We’ve worked extensively with Bryan Murley, one of CICM’s directors, and can assure those considering the position that you’ll learn a tremendous amount. The work will primarily focus on producing a variety of editorial content for the weblog, including “podcast interviews with media movers and shakers, reviews of college media online initiatives, and maps and databases of college media online sites.”
  • 5 Steps to Increase User Contributions to Your Community Site – Solid synopsis of involving your community from start to finish. Understanding how to incentivize participation, as well as how to foster and educate it, are keys to success. On a related note, Jackie Hai’s new project, PEG Point, is on its way to becoming a highly-recommended read.
  • Dan Gillmor has a list of 11 things he’d do if he ran a news organization. Numbers two and three: leverage the intelligence of your community, and make transparency the default. It’s good to see these ideas consolidating; let’s start learning from more experiments.
  • andrewspittle: Heading into the first weekend of the @whitmanpio‘s new web-first workflow. Waiting for the first, inevitable quirk or bug.
  • Max Cutler is looking for a Web/UX designer to assist in the implementation of Nando, the editorial admin interface for Courant News.

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