Presentations, links and notes from WordCamp NYC 2009

wordcampWordCamp NYC 2009 — a two-day, community-organized conference held at Baruch College of the City University of New York — offered a lot of inspiring sessions on how people and organizations are using WordPress, WordPressMU, BuddyPress and BBPress to manage content and build communities.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is a sampling of what you missed:

Case Study: worked with Tierra Innovation to build 50 sites in 10 months using WordPress MU.

BuddyPress Group API Extension

Andy Peatling, lead developer on BuddyPress, talked about the new Group API Extension and showed how it could be used to pull Twitter feeds into BuddyPress groups.


Case Study:

True/Slant, launched in April 2009, is built on WordPress MU and has more than 220 contributors/bloggers. One full-time editor selects posts for the homepage and topic stream pages.

The editor can activate “Editorial goggles,” allowing them to move content around the page by drag and drop. The system uses “heavy” JQuery to make this possible, according to Steve McNally, CTO for True/Slant. The editor can also add custom headlines, while still leaving the author’s original headline intact.

Content and contributors are also featured based on their “reputation” – a set of approximately 18 desirable behaviors (e.g. page views, posting frequency).

True/Slant, currently hosted on Slicehost, gives bloggers a detailed stats page to encourage them to grow their audience.

McNally said one of the challenges was to cross-reference content across many individual blogs, which tend to be fairly isolated in WordPress MU. Still, he said it was an easy decision to use WordPress MU and that he has “no regrets.”


Hyperlocal Journalism with BuddyPress


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