CoPress is college media’s backbone.

We work to revitalize the core of how journalism is done. To this end, we’re building a passionate and technologically capable community of student technologists, hackers and innovators who are fueled by amazing, collaborative resources and who have easy access to support when they need it.

For student newspapers looking to grow their technical capacity, CoPress offers top of the line managed hosting at affordable rates. In addition to transitioning college news sites to open-source platforms, other projects we’re working include the development of WordPress plugins and educational workshops.

Collaboration is key; any success that the project has seen thus far is due to the partnership between a strong community and a talented team. We are strong advocates of transparency. (For example, we post all of our conference calls and internal discussions on our team blog for community feedback.) For us, it’s all about building a community that has the tools, knowledge and support network they need to reinvent journalism and reinvent it again.

Our tools for change currently include a wiki, a blog, a forum, and forward-thinking online conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

We’re here for you.