Development projects

Edit Flow Project

Edit Flow

Edit flow is a project dedicated to streamlining your newsroom’s editorial workflow through full content management system (CMS) integration. Put simply, the WordPress plugin helps you hash out assignments from your dashboard. As a testament to our support of open source, the software is 100 percent free and open to the public. We have many more features in store for future releases, so if you have feedback or ideas, feel free to contribute to the wiki or shoot us an e-mail.

Connection Engine

Connection Engine

The Connection Engine is a project in progress for those of us here at CoPress. In essence, it’s a collaboration suite built on top of technologies familiar to any internet user—wikis, forums, microblogs—and integrated with a powerful search engine. These technologies will allow the Engine to bridge working relationships between student developers, technologists, and innovators, to connect hackers. read more

Vanilla News

Vanilla News Theme Framework

The Vanilla News Framework is a project based on building the foundations for an adaptable WordPress theme for college news organizations. Although an internal project, the completion of it would streamline our process for creating themes for our clients. If you want more information about this project or have any specific feedback or questions, feel free to e-mail our project lead andrew(at)copress(dot)org for more details.

Editorial projects

Case for Innovation

You might know that change needs to come about in your newsroom, but it’s harder to figure out how. This video series is a starting point for innovation in college newsrooms. Its purpose is to throw ideas out there that you can take back to your next meeting to make change happen.

College Web Design Camp 2009

The CoPress design camp was a collaborative virtual workshop in which both CoPress clients and members of our community shared knowledge about web design. Topics covered in these sessions included: news wikis, special feature pages, article layout redesigns, homepage redesign, and custom landing pages.

Hacking the Student Newsroom

Our Hacking the Student Newsroom project is a series of conference calls and screen-sharing among our team, clients and community with a goal of teaching each other basic for WordPress. This real-time opportunity to collaborate and ask questions of the CoPress team is open to the public. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for announcement of the next session.

Projects We Support

Courant News

This project by Robert Baskin and Max Cutler has a goal of creating the best college news CMS available. These students feel that commercial solutions aren’t sufficient and have tailored their Django-based CMS specifically for the needs of a college newspaper organization.


Courier is a free plugin for WordPress that allows you to create advanced, professional e-mails with ease. It was developed for newspapers but can be used by anyone wishing to create rich e-mails that pull content from your WordPress site. Courier allows you to take control of your e-mail subscribers.