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It’s been a couple of weeks since our last link roundup, but that doesn’t mean there’s been any shortage of news.

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We Clicked On: BarCamp Philly a Great Success

The big news this week was BarCamp Philly on April 25, which a majority of CoPress attended. The day was a great success – filled with insightful conversations and great networking. Where else will find new media thinkers all in the same room trying to solve the problems in the industry? If you missed out on all the fun, check out the media from the day’s events.

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This past week Greg Linch started an interesting conversation on the Forum by asking, “Do you plan to redesign or in any other way redo your college news site this summer? If so, please explain.”
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BarCamp NewsInnovation CoPress Session on J schools

We’re doing it live!

We Clicked On: No Lede

We’re a day late on this because of everyone’s travel, but the show must go on!

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The discussion of advertising rates continued this week. Brad Arendt approaches the issue of click-throughs and identifies two issues: finding the proper tool to accurately count click-throughs and take down the ad when the limit had been reached, as well as educating your local business owner on the concept so that it doesn’t discount the “value in brand awareness.” In fact, Bryan Murley argues that costs per clicks are a “horrible idea for college media sites, akin to allowing advertisers to only pay for print ads per the number of coupons that are brought in from an ad.” He’s more interested in looking into selling against user engagement with the site, based on such metrics as the amount of time spent on the site.

Also, Mo Jangda reported in the forum that he’s published a better version of the Co-Authors WordPress Plugin.
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Q&A with Sean Blanda of BarCamp NewsInnovation Philly

barcampphiladelpia_twiiterSean Blanda first reached national prominence when he announced his college newspaper Temple News would be moving off College Publisher to WordPress MU. Blanda was among the first to publicly champion this idea. Since then Blanda has become a leading voice in innovative online journalism. His latest project, BarCamp NewsInnovation Philly is bringing the best and the brightest in news from around the country to Philly on April 25 to meet, brainstorm, and work together to find solutions to problems during one of the most trying times in the journalism industry’s history. Here is Blanda’s take on what we’re hoping will be a strong, constructive event.

In 140 characters, what is BarCamp NewsInnovation Philly?

BCNI is a journalism conference in Philly where there is no set schedule. 100s of news people will present on whatever topic they want.

Why a BarCamp, and how is this going to help reinvent the industry?

The industry has tried professional conferences, CEO meetings, and expensive expos with little to show. The open schedule that a BarCamp provides lowers the barrier of entry so that anyone interested in thinking differently can attend with other like minded people and help hash out a vision for news in the 21st century.

There won’t be a silver bullet. But we can put aside the usual negativity and canned arguments and opinions for something new and fresh.

Who is the one person that everyone should try to get a conversation in with on Saturday?

If the event is successful, it will be somebody that isn’t particularity well-known that ends up making a splash with their presentation. Everybody is on an even level, so talk to everybody!

What topics do you expect to be covered? Will there a track for revenue, website design, or citizen journalism?

There will be no tracks. I’m a firm believer that the stodginess of traditional conferences is a detriment. Some wonderful things have come out of previous Barcamps on other topics. Creating tracks would be a mistake. The only requirement is that your presentation topic deal with news.

Are there any presentations in particular that you’re looking forward to?

There are no planned presentation although some people have given me a hint about what they are presenting. I, personally, would like to see any idea involving revenue and money.

Why did SPJ decide to move venues for their conference, and how do you think this will change their event?

I had been in contact with Phil Beck, the organizer of the SPJ conference, for a few weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. Phil told me that dozens of attendees had approached him about attending BarCamp. After the number started to climb, he figured it would be in SPJ’s best interest to move the event a few blocks north to Temple.

I had feared that the event would be too centered on online journalism and was in the process of reaching out to print and broadcast media members. The addition of SPJ makes that process much easier.

If you can’t get to Philly, how can someone follow along with BCNI?

The hashtag is #BCNIPhilly. I’d like to think that with 200+ tech savvy journalists that a lot of live-blogging, tweeting, and streaming will be taking place. However, there is no official plan to record every presentation as it would require six separate people recording each hour. However with more sponsorship money or volunteers, it’s something I have not ruled out.

Code Release Schedule for Courant News

Max Cutler says that Courant News should be out by BarCamp NewsInnovation Philly, however:

Courant will not really be ready for actual use or consumption upon its open-source-ing. The core set of functionality is essentially complete, which means you can build a news website which functions well for the visitors. However, we still haven’t had time to implement our vision for the admin interface, which is really the whole point of doing a specialized “news CMS.” It’s currently just a more-or-less stock Django admin, which, while functional, is far from ideal and really only marginally better than using Drupal with CCK or similar options.

As I’ve said publicly and privately in the past few days, the acronym “CMS” stands for Content Management System. That implies that the purpose of the system is actual management of content, which for a website would be through an admin interface. So I claim that the most important part of a CMS is the admin interface, and thus I can’t consider Courant ready for an actual site until we’ve taken at least our first pass at a news administrative interface.

Needless to say, we’ve very excited to see a nearly final product of what Max and company have been working on for 9+ months. There should be a spec out for community review later this week.

We Clicked On: SPJ regional conference will attend BarCamp NewsInnovation Philadelphia

This week held big news for conference go-ers who wondered how they would be able to attend two big conferences taking place later this month. Luckily for all, the SPJ regional conference will be attending BarCamp NewsInnovation in the Annenberg building in Center City Philadelphia along with the rest of us. Meanwhile on the technology front, the big news seemed to be that Skype would now be coming to the iPhone, quite possibly bringing the ease of use associated with doing interviews with Skype to mobile.

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Discussion in the forum was light this week, with Greg posting the question on everyone’s minds:

How will student media (in general or on your campus) change in the coming academic year?

While Jared Silifes and Daniel Bachhuber discussed the most productive ways to implement QR Codes, Ben Leis said he wanted to see different college media outlets “all come together into one well orchestrated online narrative.” He said he wanted to see more community involvement, stating:

I think that while investigative journalism is surely something to be valued and featured in the media, different groups on campus should be approached to provide content in short form. I think that this approach will get more people across campus introduced to new ideas and new perspectives and it will bring new audiences to interact both online and off. The short form will allow for content providers to easily make deadlines and not have the sense of feeling overwhelmed with the obligation.

On the blog, Greg’s post on Revenue Two Point Zero generated a lot of buzz. Among them were several inspired college journalists who hope to bring this sort of unique innovation to their own campus publications.

As far as the wiki goes, Miles Skorpen and Joey Baker updated the WordPress Guide and Themes pages.

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Last but not least, here are some links from the past week that you should check out this weekend (via the CoPress Publish2 Newsgroup):