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Preparation for the Fall

The best links of the last two weeks (I’ll do this on a weekly basis beginning next week, I swear) via the CoPress Publish2 Newsgroup that you’re more than welcome to join:

There are at least a few active conversations going on in the forum that you should check out. Chris Ullyott is putting together a staff page for the Daily Titan and is figuring out a way to automatically pull in profile images to the page. I started a thread for a Featured Posts widget I’d like to build when I have the chance.

Kevin Koehler and Megan Taylor have been working hard on new content for the wiki that we hope to start introducing over the weekend. In the meantime, Kevin is compiling a list of blogs related to specific topics that wants your input.

Better email newsletters for WordPress

In a search for projects to work on this summer, Will Davis, incoming EIC of The Maine Campus which migrated this summer to WordPress MU, has decided to build a better email newsletters plugin for WordPress. A free option available right now is MailPress but the feature set offers a lot of room for improvement. From a thread we had last week brainstorming ideas, Will put together a feature list for the first iteration he hopes to produce by the fall:

  • Ability to ignore certain categories/posts
  • Text and E-mail editions
  • At least a per-issue and breaking news e-mail option. Best case scenario, customizable newsletter categories
  • A basic, customizable template that supports advertising spots
  • Ability to send e-mail to all users without an article
  • First version will use PHP mail() function

There’s a new thread for those who want to help him refine the feature set for this first version. I’m looking forward to seeing this develop; it’s something that would even be useful in our publishing workflow.

We Clicked On: Ashton Kutcher Beats Out CNN for 1,000,000 Followers

This week, eyes have been on Twitter, as the race to 1,000,000 followers reached fever pitch with Ashton Kutcher reaching 1,000,000 followers on Twitter around 2:30 a.m. ET. On Wednesday, CNN acquired CNNbrk twitter account to further its lead over Ashton Kutcher to further the race between the media and man.

Around the Network

Discussion in the forum was light this week, with Joey Baker starting a discussion for Web Development ideas, saying:

This is intended to be a place for all you developers and designers to share crazy ideas that you have about newsorg website design. Anything that comes to you, treat this as your open notebook. Chances are good that you’ll find someone around who just might like your idea and try to implement it.

Also on the form, wvanwazer asked asked for advice on advertising rates.

How much does everyone charge for advertising rates? Right now, we (the Tulane Hullabaloo) charge 5 dollars per 1000 impressions. Is this high? Low? We’re in the process of setting our advertising rate for the next year, and I have no idea what a good price is.

On the wiki, Daniel and Miles started the Recruiting Technical Staff page, while Joey updated the Switching from College Publisher page.

In the News

Last but not least, here are some links from the past week that you should check out this weekend (via the CoPress Publish2 Newsgroup):