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We Clicked On: Get to work

We’re changing things up! Our choice of the best links of the week are now at the top of We Clicked On (via the CoPress Publish2 Newsgroup):

The most notable news of the week, however, is that Greg taught me the stylistic considerations of headlines and subheads.

Activity around the network

In the forum this week, Joey asked the crowd about their editorial workflows within WordPress. Lauren Rabaino left the lengthiest answer, explaining in detail how the Mustang Daily is currently operating their web-first workflow. Writers upload their documents into WordPress, and then the editing happens within the CMS. The information about these interactions is managed in a Google Spreadsheet.

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Have an idea? Pitch your project

Mark Briggs at Serra Media is taking a forward-looking approach to finding summer interns: have them pitch their projects. From the announcement:

Instead of a specific, rigid framework of duties, tasks, hours and pay that you try to ply yourself into, we’re inviting you to make a pitch on the assignment as if you were an entrepreneur. (Because you are.)

These are paid positions, but the amount we pay and the number of hours you work per week are flexible. So, instead of applications for a set position and fixed number of hours, we’re looking for pitches from people who are interested in working with us to develop our ideas and see their own brought to market, no matter their situation.

In short, in addition to working on the projects Serra Media has already started, interns will be afforded the opportunity and resources to initiate their own. One concern that comes to mind was about who has ownership of the project after the internship is over. Mark told me through email that he’s “open to discussing some equity share in addition to pay, too, though.” Deadline for application is May 22nd, 2009.